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Shallow of vacuum packaging machinery industry development trend in our country

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  At present, the international packaging machinery market competition is intense, the overall trend in the development of packaging machinery is tending to high speed, high efficiency, high quality, development focus tended to lower energy consumption, light weight, compact structure, small floor space, high efficiency and style to adapt to the environment and operators and environmental requirements, etc., and the new alloy materials, polymer materials, composite materials, inorganic non-metallic materials such as new material is in constant popularization and application. From the developing trend of the current, food packaging machinery integration, intelligence and network will become the mainstream of future development.

  Vacuum packaging machinery industry in China from 2016 to 2021 development analysis and investment potential research report shows that since 1950, polyester, polyethylene plastic film successfully applied in commodity packaging, vacuum packaging machine will get rapid development. The United States is a long history in the production of packaging machinery development countries, independence to the already formed a complete system of packaging machinery, their varieties and production in the world. Automation program has been applied in the United States with more advanced packaging, U.S. companies are committed to seeking from the packaging materials, equipment, sales and so on to the global market is characteristic of good packaging, its are entering a mechanical and electrical integration, laser scanning, rf launch, nano technology and system to simplify the packing of the new world.

  As the world packaging machinery producers to Japan after the United States, Japan started although late, but its packaging equipment has experienced the process in the research of the development of the introduction, digestion, and the absorbing foreign strengths at the same time, and improved.

  Japan's packaging machinery factory is given priority to with small and medium-sized enterprises, the main stresses the two core technology, it is the application of computer technology to the packaging, the second is to develop advanced packaging machinery. After Japan in the packaging machinery and equipment to produce standard testing of products at the same time, will also relate to the safety of the packaging machinery, testing hygienization and energy conservation.

  Compared with the United States and Japan, the domestic packaging machinery mainly embodied in the technical side of control technology and product reliability of the gap is too big, the domestic packaging machinery technology update speed slow, new technology, new material, new technology promotion narrow, from the perspective of the overall development level of domestic packaging machinery industry, the larger the gap with developed countries. From the point of view of packaging machinery products, the domestic packaging machinery equipment lack of high precision and large packaging machinery products, low level of technical equipment, equipment old, low efficiency, poor accuracy, these disadvantages make domestic packaging machinery enterprises lack of competitiveness in the international market.

  The rise of experience in packaging machinery from Japan, Japan is adopted new technology in other fields, in turn, created a new situation. The successful experience of foreign packaging machinery show that if enterprises for research and development investment accounts for 1% of sales, enterprises are difficult to live, 2% to eke out, 5% is competitive.

  Domestic packaging machinery enterprises want to have new development, must actively introduce talents, at the same time of increase funding to produce marketable products. At present, the rapid development of domestic packaging machinery mainly rely on domestic huge market demand, if domestic packaging machinery enterprises want to more long-term development, must be based on the present, the problem of the present backward technology, insufficient funds.

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