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China's packaging machinery industry development prospect

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  After more than 20 years of development, China packaging machinery has become one of the key industries in mechanical industry. As China's comprehensive national strength increasing, packaging machinery industry in China has made great progress, packaging machinery technology improve very fast. At present, China's packaging machinery industry in China has entered a stage of rapid development, is expected to open in Europe and the international market.

  According to the national bureau of statistics data, the general administration of customs, ministry of commerce to collect data on the packaging machinery industry market analysis, according to the demand of the global packaging machinery is expected to remain at a rate of 5.3% a year growth, China's packaging machinery industry has become a highly development potential of the technology industry, but its future development trend and development prospects, is indeed a problem worth waiting for. Authoritative expert analysis, China's packaging machinery industry will have a broad prospects for development, the main reason has the following two points.

  Market demand is big, diversified packaging

  No matter what industry, seem to cannot leave the packaging, a exquisite packaging, extremely easy to cause the good visual effect, attract consumers. Packaging of growing market demand, also let part of packaging machinery enterprises grow rapidly.

  Packaging technology level is increasing day by day

  It's not hard to predict, the future development direction of the mainstream of the packaging machinery industry, should be saving energy recycling, high-tech intelligent. At present, China's manufacturing vertical packaging machine, secondary packaging machine, bag packaging machine, heavy bag packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, packaging production line, automatic weighing machine packaging technology leading international level, such as, of course, in order to realize the world's top packaging technology, still need to constantly improve the level of research and development, and optimize the packaging technology.

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