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Packaging machinery industry safety standards

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  Dominated the rapid development of economy, efficient production and safe production of machinery to ensure the healthy and orderly. In order to better serve customers, let the customer know more about packaging machinery industry standard of safety equipment, our company is specialized personnel to the safety of packaging machinery and equipment industry standard for everyone to do a detailed analysis, I hope we can bring you the work of production safety of the help, specific content is as follows:

  1, packing machines should be in obvious place fixed signs, and specify the machine or equipment to work normally required for the main technical parameters, such as: rated current and voltage, the rated pressure and hot temperature, etc.

  2, packaging machinery, hydraulic drive system on safety requirements shall comply with the terms of GB3766, pneumatic system should comply with the regulations of GB7932 safety requirements.

  3, packaging machinery, electrical equipment safety requirements shall be in conformity with the relevant provisions of the GB5226 standard.

  4, packaging machinery can cause bodily harm the dangerous parts of the corresponding safety measures must be taken. Relative motion components, such as clamping, shear must ensure that the safety distance between the moving parts, in case the operator is task or cut. Can cause dangerous phoresy device should be placed in the body as much as possible. Exposed the personal safety of the influence of rotating, moving, or reciprocating motion of the components must be to take protective measures. Moving parts on the leakage position or highlight part must be smooth or protection.

  5, likely in the mechanical operation of the loose parts must have a reliable locking measures.

  6, packaging machinery to discharge waste, smoke. Should be equipped with corresponding device, in order to avoid damage to operators.

  7, one-way packaging machinery demand only on motor rotates must made to proper positions on the machine or on the tag.

  8, personnel into the workspace has great danger, should be in the workspace setting safety protection device. When the protective device packaging machinery of the whole work area of the isolation, the components of the dangers of working area is not up to protect device. The workspace protective device Settings should guarantee a safe distance.

  9, which is to be operated from the ground or set the whole packaging machinery, to meet the requirements of relevant standards shall be available platform and a ladder to a platform and protective railings and other corresponding device.

  10, packaging machinery working institutions should have interlocking protection so that the fault occurs when the machine or equipment to stop working.

  11, packaging machinery in general should be equipped with safety switch, in any emergency, press this switch to stop, in order to avoid the happening of the accident.

  12, when the machine or equipment to motion state, timely to remind all staff leave the danger zone, under the condition of packaging machinery device should be installed on a police officer.

  13, shall be clearly marked on packaging machinery control, lubrication, such as security or warning signs. Safety color and safety sign shall comply with the terms of GB2893 and GB2894, symbol of graphic symbols should comply with relevant standards or regulations.

  14, packaging machinery safety operating mechanism should be in the position of the operator easy to operate and control.

  15, is easy to bums and work under the environment of packaging machinery, mechanical and electrical device should be reliable protection and compliance with relevant standards or regulations.

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