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Do not know the food packaging machinery three big problems

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  In recent years, the rapid development of packaging machinery for people to see the possibilities of food packaging machinery industry development prospects. It is understood that the current domestic drinking water, carbonated drinks and tea drinks before processing equipment can meet the basic needs, in the bottle and packing equipment of low speed also have matching products to choose from, in terms of hot filling machine, hot filling is still the main production and tea and fruit juice beverage filling process.

  At present, the domestic dairy companies in the former treatment basically is to choose cheap domestic equipment, and in the packaging materials, filling, printing and other key process mostly USES the import equipment. Now, carton packaging industry has been from the beginning level to advanced level of development, and development momentum quickly.

  From the current situation of the development of the domestic food packaging machinery, the three big problems have to attach importance to and to solve them. First is the product quality problems, foreign packaging machinery price is high, the reason is the product of good quality. Domestic food packaging machinery production technology and production means, and on the quality of the product needs to be further strengthened.

  Followed by the scientific research innovation ability is insufficient, at present the domestic food packaging machinery is main or generic, not research and development, even with the development of new products, not only less number and cycle is long.

  Companies tend to focus on production and processing, this call result in product innovation is not enough at the same time also can't keep up with the demand of the market. At home there is a serious phenomenon is homogeneity, a new designed products just appear on the market will soon be in imitation, in a short period of time often thousands of enterprises on the market, so that at the end of the day can't find who is the developer.

  In the interests of the driven, most companies are busy copying others products and ignores the upgrading of products, will not put more energy to achieve technological innovation.

  Also is domestic food packaging machinery is not high degree of automation, there are also the personage points out, use abroad food packaging machinery a high degree of automation, yield is greater than in our country, this is not a domestic manufacturing level can not meet the demand problem. The reason is the overall size of the domestic food processing and manufacturing, and the capacity to invest big big models.

  At present, all countries attach great importance to the development of packaging machinery, production of high efficiency, high utilization of resources, energy saving, the use of new and high technology products and scientific research achievements commercialization has become a development trend of the packing machine, for domestic packaging machinery enterprises, it is also the development direction, the enterprise can't do big, but efforts should be made to ensure precise and designed.

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