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A common fault and treatment scheme of automatic packing machine

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  Automatic packaging machine of the common faults and processing plan _ enterprise's development, the growing demand for production, requires the new packaging machinery with high production efficiency, high degree of automation, equipment more perfect, etc. The future packing scale mechanical equipment will also cooperate with industrial automation development trend, gradually improve the overall level of packaging packaging scale. In the past, China's packaging machinery and equipment are mostly technology is relatively backward, stable performance, with a single, simple function of these words to describe a little too much, because of the lack of funds, combined with the already weak foundation, it is difficult to develop high quality, good quality equipment. But in the high-speed economic development, the era of efficient, outdated packaging equipment already can't satisfy the need of the enterprise was doomed to be eliminated by times. We should notice is, the quality of packaging machinery and equipment and technological innovation, more should pay attention to production efficiency and performance of the product. In recent years, China's packaging machinery industry according to the domestic product efficiency, poor performance, the present situation of the technology behind, start from the quality and efficiency, improve the overall performance of the packaging machinery equipment. Is one of the most critical place USES for introducing foreign advanced technology, innovation of high efficiency, high quality, high performance belongs to the three tenors packaging equipment of our country. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise, in the packaging machinery industry, innovation is not only related to the survival and development of an enterprise, it also relates to whether the whole packaging machinery industry in China can compete with foreign counterparts, whether can establish oneself in the rapid development of society. Domestic packaging machinery enterprises should continue to adhere to the road of innovation, to further promote and stable development of packaging machinery industry in China. Packing scale when it comes to matters of life still have a lot of, such as candy, seasoning, are essential to life. Just because of that we did not want to packaging weighers for regular maintenance, so as to ensure food safety and packaging scale live longer.

  1, check the packaging before use scale appearance is complete, start is smooth.

  2, use has to be clean, every day for packing balance in the work particles into the mechanical products is inevitable, so at this time we still need to check the clear;

  3, in use, cannot use under harsh environment;

  4, packing scale often should use lubricating oil moisture instrument, in the work more smoothly.

  Daily check and maintenance

  1, check the chain plate conveyer motor and speed reducer temperature is normal, voice is normal, whether running smoothly, if there is a leak.

  2, check whether the scraper chain conveyor chain is wandering, chain roller is flexible rotation, for wear serious, whether there is loose, check whether there is chain plate deformation, whether card dead, whether there is loose, if there is a sound in the operation. Check whether there is a roller or guide wheel fall off.

  3, check the chain plate conveyor machine Lord, driven sprocket if run smooth.

  4, check whether four hanging body symmetry and parallel, and all fasteners are loose.

  5, check if packing scale guide bar running smoothly, whether is loose.

  6, to check whether there is oil cylinder, whether running smoothly, is there a different ring, connection is reliable.

  7, check whether the centrifugal fan is running smoothly.

  8, check whether the ministries have leakage, in the operation of the overall run-time whether smoothly.

  9, check whether the hose worn out, whether the loss.

  10, check whether all the fittings and fasteners are secure.

  The common faults and processing

  Fault: chain plate wandering jammed or not

  Reason: 1, the guide wheel fall off too much, groove shape

  2, master-slave sprocket is not parallel

  3, the anchor chain plate conveyor with loose or rough

  4, button failure

  Solution: 1, reinstall guide wheel, correct the guide groove

  2, adjust the sprocket

  3, adjust the anchor bolt

  4, check the electrical wiring

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