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Small vacuum packaging machine three kinds of common failures

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  As we all know, single chamber vacuum packaging machine is vacuum packaging machine is small in a vacuum packaging machine equipment, we produce the single chamber vacuum packaging machines from 400-800, mainly to see the demand of package sizes, general vacuum packaging machine in addition to the replacement parts, rarely appears problem, but we in the use of the condition of vacuum packaging machine is always a different problem,

  1, vacuum packaging machine is vacuum and vacuum degree is not high?

  1) whether the vacuum pump reversal, check whether the vacuum pump direction of rotation is consistent with click on the arrow on the vacuum pump, must adjust the correct;

  2) just to buy a single chamber vacuum packaging machines, when use, may cover and under the cover of the vacuum chamber between the plane of the mild enough, when we cover the vacuum chamber is a little hard, make a vacuum chamber cover with panel;

  3) the switch does not reach the designated position, adjust the travel switch limit position.

  4) time relay is out of control, replace.

  5) vent valve closed lax, leak, check gas solenoid valve, valve core (rubber). Have you wear, pollution or valve core center deviation.

  6) check phase line if there is a leak or loose parts.

  2, heat sealing quality is bad

  1) check if packing mouth place clean, to avoid contamination of pincer-like device.

  2) check the nickel chrome belt is working correctly, for short circuit, open circuit phenomenon.

  3) heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time is appropriate.

  4) check the hot-pressing airbag for leaks.

  5) heat sealing solenoid valve don't work properly.

  After 3, take the vacuum can't vent, vacuum chamber can't open it.

  1) time relay is out of control, touch point contact undesirable or damage.

  2) no power supply, check the power supply circuit.

  3) check gas solenoid valve is working correctly.

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