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Multi-functional Flow Control Valve For Water treatment


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 Multi-functional Flow Control Valve For Water treatment

Multi-functional Flow Control Valve For Water treatment

Technical Parameters:

●Water Pressure----------------------------------------------0.15—0.6MPa

●Water Temperature-----------------------------------------5℃-45℃

●Water Turbidity-----------------------------------------------<20FTU




●Riser Pipe------------------------------------------------------1.05″OD 

●Max Flow Rate-------------------------------------------------4 m3/h

●Suitable Tank Size (in)---------------------------------------6″~12″

Product Characteristics:

■It adopts hermetic head faces with high degree pottery and corrosion resistance for opening and closing.

■No water passes the valve in rinse in single tank type.

■Reasonable design of the flow passage: Service→ Fast Rinse→ Backwash → Fast Rinse → Backwash →Service.

■It can be changed to be side-mounted valve with side-mounted connector.

■It can operate under pressure, without leakage.

Range of Application:

Residential filtration system

Swimming pool filtration equipment

Active carbon or sand filter in RO pretreatment filtration system

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