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Pouch filling sealing machine

Product Name:Pouch filling sealing machine

Product Model:RGP-200

Pouch filling sealing machine

These forming bag(inflation bags,bar milk bags,bar yogurt bags) packing machines are widely used in the dairy, beverage, liquid spices, soy products, jelly, wine, detergents, liquid chemical and the high viscosity semi-fluid(grain orange juice,coconut,pulp milk,paste alcohol ) and so on.

The machine adopts touch screen PLC controlling,filling and sealing finish in one time automatically, thoroughly save the problem that worker fill hot liquid and avoiding secondary pollution.

1、Independently research and develop pneumatic sealing in  controlling of PLC,completely replaced the old in-stable spring sealing.

2、 Adjust the filling capacity by changing the parameter on the touch screen ,so it is much more accurate than the screw adjusting.

3、Adopt a special pressure filling pump to make the filling be more efficient.

4、For the bags which is more difficult to seal ,except the conventional temperature adjusting,we add sealing time adjustment and distance adjustment , now totally three types for adjusting.

5、Nozzles adopts special design,in order to make the sealing same every time.

6、It can fill 2-8 different liquid at the same time by customizing.




1.2 kw


220v, 50hz


50-1000 ml


1000-3500 bags/hour

Air pressure

0.2-0.5m3/min, 0.6-0.8Mpa


130 kg

Machine size


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