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DXDL-720 Large Automatic Packing Machine

Product Name:Large Automatic Packing Machine

Product Model:DXDL-720

Large Automatic Packing Machine

I. Main performance and structural features

*Automatically complete all the process from feeding, counting, filling and bag making, date printing to finished products outputting.

*High counting precision and efficiency without crashing material.

II. Range of application

It's suitable for packing fragile bulk products with requirement of high counting precision, such as: puffed food, potato chip, crispy rice, jelly, candy, happy fruit, apple chip, boiled dumpling, rice dumpling and medicine, etc.

III. Technical parameter



Packing speed

5-60 bag/min

Bag size


Bag making mode

Pillow-type bag, standing bag, punching device

Packaging materials

OPP/CPP, CPP/PE, MST/PE and other types of heat sealing film;(Outlet diameter:≤400mm, Inlet diameter φ75mm)

Range of measuring


The max width of packing film


Air consumption


Main power/voltage




The weight of switchboard


Complete Set

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