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Tea Bag Packing Machine

Model RGCH-10A Automatic Tea-bag Packaging Machine

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Product Name:Automatic Tea-bag Packaging Machine

Product Model:Model RGCH-10A

Automatic Tea-bag Packaging Machine

Model RGCH-10A Automatic Tea-bag Packaging Machine


It is suitable for automatically packaging of steeping products such as fragmental tea,medical tea, coffee ... etc.


The packaging pouches with drawing line and tag. The process of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting can be done automatically.

1、All stainless steel cover meets to GMP standard.

2、Equipped with antipollution and dustproof device

3、Adjustable measuring cup—adjust the measuring under the case of Downtime

4、Sealing  part:  roller  spend  process  is  special  designed  and  the  effect  of  sealing  is  very well

5、The function of automatic counting is available for customers to pack

6、At the ends of cross sealed of inner and outer bags have oiling holes, regular oil guarantees that the machine operate lubricating, adequate lubrication can reduce the failure rate and improve the service life of the machine

7、The maximum advantage of this machine is that the feeding structure inside the machine beyond the traditional feeding form, greatly improve the rates of the threads and tags which make the rates of threads and pre-print on about 98-99%

8、Minimum sealing temperature variation employs PID temperature, the tolerance is controlled by±2%.

9、It has gained the European CE certification

Packing materials: Tea leaf filtering paper.

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