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CX-16F Ink Jet Date Printing Machine

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Product Name:CX-16F Ink Jet Date Printing Machine

Ink Jet Date Printing Machine

Features and Benefits

◆Brand-new Hydraulic System

◆English and Unicode Input Methods

◆One Button Stop-start Control

◆User-friendly interface

◆Print Messages Access Easily and Quick

◆26 Messages Database Input/output


Technical Specification


◆Rated current:2A

◆Ambient temperature:5-40~C

◆Humidity:30-95(no condensing)

◆Length of the printhead conduit:3m

◆Dimensions:320mm x 420mm ~ 545mm

◆Power supply:220 -+ 15%V

Printing Features

◆Timing and counting printing

◆Bold:Up to 9 times

◆Automatic show of products counting ,batch numbers ,shift numbers

◆Printing speed:Up to 1076 characters/second(7 x 5single line)

◆Variable characters/languages/loges/fonts printing

◆Reversal and inverse otc,four directional inkjet printing

◆Printing lines:Up to 3 lines

◆Message delayed printing

◆Printing height:(7 x 5)single line.2.5-5mm(16 x 16)single line. 5-10mm

◆Character matrix:7 x  5,7 x 7,10 x 7,12 x 12,16 x 10,16 x 16,24 x 8


◆Solvent :Special solvent

◆Ink:black,blue,red,green,UVink(special ketone based inks)

◆Accessories:photo sensor ,printhead stand,etc

◆Optional accessories:handheld printhead bracket,convey belt

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